The Academy of Indian Performing Arts, etablished under the leadership of Jothi Raghavan in 1987, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Indian fine Arts in the New England area.
The Academy’s mission is to offer highest quality cultural programming to the art loving public of the Commonwealth and through the programming educate the mainstream America to understand and appreciate Indian Art forms.. To integrate Indian values and art forms with the American culture still finding a unique place in the system.. . To inspire the growing generation of young Americans to foster the Indian fine arts To preserve the artistry and heritage of Indian culture and the integrity of the art forms. To utilize the unique position that the Academy cherishes of being in the New England area —  the cultural Mecca of the country to broaden the  horizon and explore other avenues, to grow like the great Banyan tree of India with branches that reach out to other cultures, promote a universal understanding.
The Academy has consistently sponsored events of high caliber by artists visiting from India as well as those in the US. It blossomed into a production company with its first multi media production Kanya.